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Portabella Mushroom

The Portabella mushroom is one of the most imposing mushrooms in size. It has a rounded, earthen tan flat cap with near black gills on its underside. Its stem is thick, white and edible.


To remove any bits of the peat moss in which they were grown, rinse quickly with cold running water or wipe the mushroom in a damp cloth, paper towel or soft brush.

Taste Profile

The Portabella mushroom has a very memorable, rich and meaty texture and flavor, which it retains even after cooking.

How to Serve:

Use in soups and stews, baked pasta or rice dishes, as a beef substitute or in salads. Prepare whole by grilling or stuffing. Pair with fresh herbs, fresh cow's milk cheeses, tomato or cream-based sauces, leafy greens, garlic and onions.